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The SIAC bases its pedagogy on the actor’s direct experience, from which it is possible to draw the evidence, and from the evidence to assess the clarity. On stage, the theatre actor is the protagonist. Any other method that doesn’t take this principle into account shall not even be considered. In turn, this principle goes along with its twin value: the audience is the target, to whom we, as actors, have to - it is our duty to - offer an accessible play in terms of comprehensibility, clarity, spectacularity, poeticality and highly professional performance.

The author, the director, the technicians and the whole production team follow these principles and work together to make and popularise accessible and enjoyable plays, whatever the genre, hystorical context and acting level.

No author is a prophet, no director is a high priest: a theatrical production, even in its most hierarchical structure, is always a collective type of work, an absolute exchange of ideas, experiences, skills and abilities.

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Since its foundation in 1986, the SIAC has been delivering acting-theatrical poetics and techniques based on the above mentioned principles. Direct consequence of this pedagogy is the setting up of companies working with the very same method: every year one or more organizations, - and therefore theatrical and professional experiences - originate inside the SIAC itself; this is because many of the talents approaching the SIAC method also gain an irresistible desire to work together in order to develop, produce and create.

Every year ArscomicA (once Teatro del Vicolo) produces one or more theatre plays, drawing from and thanks to the many artists that come from all over the world to attend SIAC classes.

The INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF COMIC ACTING has trained many actors, directors and drama teachers currently working in public and private cultural institutions all over the world.