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Professional Actors and Teachers/Students of Theater and Opera Singers
Throughout The World
We Invite You to
Only UNESCO International Heritage City in US 
6th edition of The American International School for Commedia dell’Arte
presented by International Opera Theater of Philadelphia
February 8-12 & 15-19, 2016
at The Ethical Humanist Society on Rittenhouse Square
under the direction of Italian Commedia dell’Arte Maestro
premiere exponent in world of authentic Renaissance based Commedia dell’Arte

Christian Bygott:

Main language of class will be English
Lessons delivered in Italian, French and Spanish, if necessary
Commedia dell’arte was not street theater
Authentic Commedia was the beginning of
THEATER AS A PROFESSION. It started in ITALY in the 16th century.
For the first time in history actors were paid and performances were held indoors
Performances were given by the most gifted PROFESSIONAL ACTORS in Italy.
Actors from American International School will give free performances daily, in English for public at 5PM.
Those interested in participating, please contact
Christian Bygott: Christian Bygott:

Commedia dell’Arte: Its appearance in 16th Century Italy, its spread and adaptation throughout Europe, marked a highly important turning point in the history of Western Theatre. With it, theatre changed from ritualistic and amateurish to an actual profession (art). The new actor was born: someone who possessed a personal acting “know-how”. This gave rise to Modern Theatre. Commedia dell’Arte as presented by Maestro Fava, is an exacting discipline-practical ability and know-how taught in these classes are essential for those who intend to make theatre their career. Appropriate attendees are: Professional actors, pupils from schools of Dramatic Art, students and scholars who study theatrical disciplines, Opera singers.

Mornings: 10:30- 1:30pm: techniques, gesturing, characterization, etc.
Afternoons from 2:00- 4:00pm: study of the Commedia through improvisation
4:00- 5:00 p.m. preparation of play parts with improvised dialogue (Canovacci).
5:00- 6:00 p.m; free performances open to public.
Lessons strictly reserved for participants.
Leather masks designed and made by Maestro Fava will be available to the students for use during the Training Session. Housing is actors’ responsibility. International Commedia School can help with suggestions, if needed.
This project is also in cooperation with The Marco Polo School of Philadelphia.